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Music is one of the greatest things that a person can experience, whether it be listening or playing. Now that 2020 is here, it’s time to treat yourself in the new decade by finally learning to play that instrument that’s always been in the back of your mind. With The Music Rooms, you can get high-quality music classes near you that operate at your pace.

We welcome pupils of all ages at The Music Rooms, able to work with both those who are young as well as those who are older, we’ll tailor the lessons to you to make sure you’re comfortable and make sure you’re learning the instrument of your choice at a pace that is comfortable for you, no matter the instrument.

Our lessons are priced at a competitive £17 an hour, we also offer a starter voucher with the first four lessons being at only £50. You can rest assured knowing you’re getting the best value for money with our lessons, whether you’re looking to achieve particular qualifications, or simply playing for fun.

We have entered over 1000 students into exams and received a 98% pass rate, proving the true quality of our teaching ability. Free yourself to a brand new hobby, one that is as empowering as it is welcoming, with The Music Room.

Get in contact by filling out the provided form, alternatively, get any questions you have answered by giving us a call on 01925 290 620.

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